Faster-than-light travel is a staple of space anime, appearing in various forms. Here we will explain why this is a necessity, how it is implemented and how much sense it makes.

When writing a story taking place in space, it’s easy to forget that space travel is terribly slow. This isn’t mainly because space rockets are slow, but mostly because distances in the universe are huge. In order to leave Earth’s orbit, rockets need to reach a velocity of multiple kilometres per second! This is much more than any transport system could ever hope to achieve on Earth, where velocity is limited because of air resistance.

This speed corresponding to our current technology is good enough when the story is bound to our solar system. In the manga and anime Space…

Where we discuss why physics laws are important in anime, and fiction in general.

We love fantasy worlds because the craziest events can happen: humans with supernatural powers can fly freely in the sky, young boys can control water with their mind and sports teams manage to become world champions after only one year of practice. Okay, that last one might or might not be fantasy, but is still pretty common in the world of anime. …

The SERN Chronicles

Stories about science in anime, manga and more.

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